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Spanish Philippine and Japanese half


Also known as REY 🦊

Date of birth 11/25

Blood type B

Height 175 cm

Constellation Sagittarius

Hobbies Visiting shrines and temples, taking pictures with a single-lens reflex camera, watching VFX, fishing, games, YouTube

Special skill Filipino / English speaking, roasting yakitori on a roasting table, finding Filipinos in the city

Hometown Philippines was born in Tokyo and raised

Favorite anime Crayon Shin-chan

Good Kina game Metal Gear, The Legend of Zelda, COD

Favorite food Sushi, takoyaki, okonomiyaki

Disliked foods

Beautiful clothes of favorite women

Favorite words inevitably

I don't like red, black, blue

Favorite song Dream's light of hope-believe in miracles-

Favorite artists Dream, Dream Shizuka, BTS, ONEUS, Back street boys, Blue

Favorite season Spring, autumn, winter

Favorite country Japan

A word to the fans Thank you for your support! ️

Favorite drinks Soilate, tea, carbonated water, potage

Inside the car while moving to your favorite place

Memories of my school days Waiting for a late classmate for 9 hours

Specialty dish Yakitori

Clothes that you often wear One point Flashy rough and casual clothes

Where to date? Go where you want to go leisurely

Favorite event celebration day of the year

Respected family, BTS, Dream Shizuka


Also known as SOL🧸

Birthday may 16th

Blood type A

Height 175 cm

Constellation Taurus

Hobbies Watching movies, watching live concerts by various artists

Special Skills Soccer, Skateboarding, Beat Boa

Birthplace Tokyo

Favorite Anime BORUTO, Devil's Blade, NARUTO, One Piece, Dragon Ball, One Punch Man

Favorite games cod, PES, puzzle games

Favorite food Curry, ramen, melon

Disliked foods Tomatoes, salmon roe, sea urchins, shrimp

Favorite women's clothes neat and mature

Favorite words Wear a water drop stone

I don't like green, purple, white, black

Favorite songs Nissy-TheeternalLive, Sugar, BTS-Black Swan, Mike Drop, ON, Dice-FAKEMe FAKEMeout, CITRUS

Favorite artists AAA, Nissy, BTS.SMAP, Dice

Favorite season spring autumn

Favorite countries Japan, South Korea, America

A word to the fans We will give back to those who are always supporting us, so please continue to support TrIaNgLe!

Favorite drinks Cafe au lait, compota, cocoa

Favorite place Disney, by the sea

Memories of my school days Soccer!

Specialty dish dressed omelet rice

Frequently worn clothes Monotone

Where to date? Aquarium, amusement park (Disney)

Favorite event of the year New Year's Eve, Labor Thanksgiving Day

Respected people Takuya Kimura, Nissy, BTS, TrIaNgLe

Birthday January 28, 1997

Blood type A

Height 178 cm

Constellation Aquarius

Hobbies Watching movies / animations, walking, fashion

Special skill slap (baseball)

Birthplace Miyagi Prefecture

Favorite anime One Piece, Black Clover, BORUTO, a different world starting from zero

There are countless world life, the Irregular at Magic High School!

Favorite game Inazuma Eleven

Favorite food Matcha sweets, cheesecake (souffle), eclairs

Disliked food liver, parsley, milk, river fish

Favorite women's clothing shirt Inskini style, long coat style

Favorite words- Is it an ear of rice that hangs my head?

Favorite color blue, light blue, white, black

Favorite artists DA PUMP, JO1, BTS, SEVENTEEN,


Favorite season autumn

Favorite country Japan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ The countries I want to visit are Singapore, Egypt, England, Italy

A, America, Greenland

A word to the fans There are fans and we are now. The best as a whole

Let's grab the scenery together! Thank you for your support

Favorite drink Kiwi smoothie, melon soda

Favorite place House, superb view spot

It was a memory baseball idiot when I was a student

You do not make only about stir-fried specialties vegetables

Frequently worn shirts Inskini style, long coat style

Where to date? Shopping, scenic spots, picnics, eating out

Celebration of your favorite event of the year

Respected mother, KENZO, HEAT

Birthday 2/25

Blood type A

Height 172 cm

Constellation Pisces

Hobbies Walking, playing the piano, musicals and documentaries

Special skill You can do it with the power of your eyelids, I remember most of the directions I've been to

Birthplace Tokyo

Favorite Anime Jujutsu Kaisen

I still don't understand the charm of my favorite game

Favorite food rice cake, cream cheese

Disliked food sour

Clothes of the person you like Anything you like and wear

Favorite words Your heart that makes beautiful things look beautiful is beautiful

Favorite color black, blue

Favorite songs Beautiful, LOVE, The Beginning, End of a day, Maybe Tomorrow, The Bird Without Wings, Starting Over, Believers High, HELP

Favorite artists Superfly, Ken Hirai, SHINee, Amy Winehouse, NCT, Zac Efron, XIA, Jonghyun

I like the four seasons of Japan so much that I can't choose my favorite season

Favorite country Japan

A word to fans Thank you for finding TrIaNgLe! May that wonderful heart continue to be happy.

U love u! I wish your happiness πŸ€

Favorite drink banana shake

Favorite place Museum, movie theater, nature

Memories of my school days When I was a junior high school student, I cried because I was surrounded by deer in Nara.

You can make a stewed hamburger steak, which is your specialty.

Oversized clothes that you often wear

Where to date? Where the dater wants to go

Birthday of my favorite event companion of the year

Respected people WESSAP friends, Sei Matobu, Yuzuru Hanyu, Shohei Ohtani

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